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Latest News, March 2016: Wales-based music production project Avnaskubi announces that its debut album is nearing completion, with final mixes underway.
   After more than 18 months of writing, instrumentation, and production, the album is intended for a late Spring, 2016 release.
   The album will be a firm expression of Avnaskubi’s purpose of making original, contemporary instrumentals from a range of genres and with an emphasis on strong melody lines.

Roots: A lifelong love of instrumentals of all kinds. When there are no vocals, your imagination is perhaps even freer. You can make up your own story, in any language. An instrumental can have as much to say as any song, but it’s the listener who really makes it.
Avnaskubi’s roots lie in composing and producing soundtracks for the interactive drama of adventure games. There, the story is at least as important as gameplay, requiring expression of a wide range of emotions.

Music: “Avnaskubi sounds like John Barry and Dan Gillespie-Sells having a pint with Pendulum and the Penguin Café Orchestra, when suddenly, Ludovico Einaudi walks in.”

Original, contemporary instrumentals in a free range of genres, with emphasis on melody.

The Rules: Keep cliché four-chord repetitions to a minimum. A tune you can whistle. Full chromatic scale rather than limited blues-scale and positively no riff-based straitjackets.

Samples from the album coming soon.
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Studio: Avnaskubi is a producer making music entirely in the studio. That means there is nowhere you can go to see Avnaskubi live, because there are no gigs. But that’s OK.
   Playing live can put limits on music composition. Llive acts must be aware that the audience is having a night out, so the band should mostly, if not exclusively play exciting music, perhaps with dancing in mind. Writing for the studio gives us a much wider palette of styles to compose in.
   Creating in the studio only also means the band can be as big as we like, with as wide a range of instruments as the music calls for. To us, being exclusively studio-oriented means more freedom and scope in the music we can make.

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